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A Mystic Egg is an item that only appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. These eggs are found only in the Boggly Woods. The Mystic Egg is from an unknown creature. It is given to Mario by Petuni, Punio's little sister. Mario will receive a Mystic Egg by playing the game "Stump Petuni" with the young Puni. Like in its prequel, the egg recovers five HP and may be used in all sorts of recipes.

As seen in the picture, it is pale white-gray egg, like many things in Boggly Woods, and has two light black (dark gray) horizontal stripes on its sides; another effect on Boggly Woods' objects and creatures.


A mystic egg can make the following things below.

Recipe Result in Cooked Item Game that Recipe is from
Egg Fried Egg

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Egg + Fire Flower Egg Bomb
Horsetail + Egg Omelette Meal
Egg + Mushroom
Egg + Super Mushroom
Egg + Ultra Mushroom
Egg + Life Shroom
Egg + Dried Bouquet Space Food
Egg + Cake Mix Zess Cookie
Egg + Fresh Pasta Zess Dinner