Magical map 1.jpg
A picture of the map from Paper Mario TTYD.

The Magical Map is a treasure map that was given to Mario by Princess Peach to find all 7 Crystal Stars and open the Thousand-Year Door in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. When Mario has a Crystal Star and walks on the platform in front of the Thousand Year Door, the patterns on the floor will light up. The map will hover in the air, and the next Crystal Star location will be shown. Extra details are also added to the area on the map, such as the addition of the X-Naut Fortress when the location of the final Crystal Star is shown to be on the Moon.

The map was made by the four heroes after the Shadow Queen was defeated so the Crystal Stars could be found after the four heroes hid them. To make sure evil could never use the map to find the stars, it was placed in a small chest, which could only be opened by the pure hearted person, which in this case was Peach. Later, Beldam came upon the chest and gave it to Peach, disguised as a merchant, when she came to Rogueport.


  • When the Magical Map is on Professor Frankly's desk (at any time in the game), all shown locations of where the Crystal Stars are can be seen.
  • A Nibbles can be seen in the bottom right-hand corner of the map.
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