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Huff N Puff
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First Appearance:

Paper Mario (2000)




Bowser, Koopa Troop, Puffs

Huff 'N' Puff is a large cloud monster of the Puff species. He is also an enemy in the Paper Mario series, who appears in Paper Mario. He was also a follower of Bowser and was put in charge of guarding the sixth star spirit, Klevar, in the chapter Dark Days in Flower Fields.


Bowser used the Star Rod on him to turn him into a Ruff Puff beast.

Huff 'N' Puff was located in a place called Cloudy Climb, an area that sits high above Flower Fields. He is also known to have created a machine called the Puff-Puff Machine, which was designed to cover Flower Fields in clouds, preventing the Sun from entering the sky. However, with little effort and help, Mario was able to get to the machine and destroy it.

Since the destruction of the machine, Mario was able to plant the soil, seed, and water that he recieved from helping other flowers in need. By planting the components, it created a beanstock which grew as high as Cloudy Climb, allowing Mario to access the area, defeat the beast, and save Klevar. Once defeated, Huff N. Puff explodes, scattering Tuff Puffs in all directions.

Tattle Log and Statistics[]

Huff N Puff can attack by either Body Slamming, blowing wind, and using thunder and lightning strikes. When his HP reaches as low as five, he will then begin to use earthquake type attacks.

If Huff N Puff is struck with any attack, he will spawn several Tuff Puffs. The Tuff Puffs each have 1 HP and will attack Mario when they are on the battle field. Huff N Puff can inhale them to restore HP.

Lady Bow and Lakilester anre great choices for battling Huff N Puff. When Huff N Puff is charging up, Mario can use Lady Bow's Outta Sight move to dodge the attack.