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"I'll make a wish to the stars for you to have good luck."

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Goompapa is the father of Goombario and Goombaria, and the husband of Goomama. He only appears in Paper Mario. He also happens to be a fishing friend with Muss T., Koover, and Fishmael. His name is a referance to "goomba" and "papa."

At the beginning of the game, he can be seen fixing the gate to Goomba Road. Eventually, Kammy Koopa destroys the gate by dropping a large block on it to stop Mario from going any further. He becomes angered but happy after Mario finds Goompa and destroys the block.


  • He's my dad, Goompapa. He's willing to do anything for us. We can always count on him. He doesn't look like it, though. But did you see him fixing stuff after that earthquake? That's when I knew he was cool.