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An egg is an item in the Paper Mario series, and it serves as an item in both Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. When Mario eats an egg, he will restore 5 HP

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Eggs are quite rare in the game, as they can only be found in certin locations, such as near the station at Mt. Rugged or in Jade Jungle when vines are pulled. Eggs also appeared in the kitchen in Princess Peach's Castle during the Intermission 4-5. They appeared as an ingredient when Peach was making a Strawberry Cake for Gourmet Guy.


The egg can make the following things listed below.

Recipe Result of Cooked Item Game of Recipe
Egg Fried Egg Paper Mario
Egg + Cake Mix Big Cookie
Egg + Mushroom Bland Meal
Egg + Strange Leaf or Stinky Herb Boiled Egg
Egg + Fire Flower Egg Bomb Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Egg Fried Egg
Egg + Mango Delight Love Pudding
Egg + Mushroom Omelette Meal
Egg + Cake Mix Zess Cookie